A Message from Dr. Ross

You’re a Dentist? No, I’m a Dental Health Advisor

By Bradley A. Ross, D. D. S.

Many people either see a dentist once or twice a year or sometimes, not at all. This approach to dental health can result in some very compromised or potentially disastrous issues for your teeth, gums and oral tissues. Being a San Diego dentist who has practiced for 24 years, I have noticed a few things that I have now made my “mantra” in my dental practice.

As corny as it may sound, I treat all my patients as if they are family. You offer the best solutions and alternatives regardless of the patient’s preconceived attitudes towards dentistry, financial issues and their dental I.Q. My patients need to know what I can do for them. From there, we can work with the patient, being honest with them in regard to what services they wish to pursue. In addition, I need to be my patient’s advocate when giving them advice to pursue dental care with me or with other dental specialists.

I believe that dentistry has come a long way from what some may naively conceive as a “commodity” service. It is the role of the dentist to serve not only as a technician of the teeth but as a dental health advisor. This allows your dentist to provide you some important tools and information to support overall good health and well being. To me, this is the standard of care I have developed in my career and for our patient’s at Mission Trails Dentistry.