A True Cosmetic Dental Practice

Dr. Bradley A. Ross at Mission Trails Dentistry has a tremendous passion for cosmetic and restorative dentistry, in addition to offering general procedures. Although cosmetic dentistry primarily focuses on improving the appearance and symmetry of your smile, it is no less important for your dentist to help you accomplish a correct bite in the process. When searching for a qualified cosmetic dentist, you should look for experienced professionals who have advanced education in cosmetic dentistry.

My current dentist claims he’s a cosmetic dentist. Is he? How can I tell?

Our San Diego dentists continually take educational courses in the field of cosmetic dentistry to offer patients the best techniques and procedures designed to brighten your teeth, correct chips, gaps, and discolorations, straighten misalignments, and give you an improved smile. Dr. Bradley A. Ross is a graduate of the USC School of Dentistry and has spent his career advancing his knowledge and honing his skills with the latest in implant dentistry procedures. For more information on our cosmetic dentistry team, please visit our biography pages to learn about the dental professionals at Mission Trails Dentistry.